E-learning theory course and preparation

During lockdown you will get a 180 days / 75 hours access for the price of 90 days / 60 hours!

The e-learning course comprises several modules. To progress from one module to the next, you must achieve a mark of at least 87%. To pass the entire course, you need to take a final ‘mock test’ exam.

The e-learning material deals with all questions covered in the official driving theory exam. You decide the time you need to access the system. Choose the time and price that suits you best:

Length of availability and price:

  • 90 days / 60 hours HUF 60.000

Extra access price:

  • 30 day /10 hours HUF 15.000


    For payment options, see below.

    You can access the course materials from either a desktop computer or a laptop (with Flash player). If you have internet access, the practice questions also work on mobile devices and tablets.

    Application requirements. You need to

    • be at least 17 years old
    • have an elementary school certificate (to be presented on the day of the theory exam)
    • have a medical aptitude certificate (issued by your GP)
    • have Hungarian right of abode
    • have a Hungarian residence card

    How to enrol

    You must provide the following information -

    • Name
    • Place and date of birth
    • Passport number
    • Nationality
    • Mother’s maiden name
    • Permanent address (Hungarian)
    • Postal address (Hungarian)
    • Mobile phone no.
    • Email address

    The Process:

    Once you’ve given us your personal details and paid the fee, we’ll send you an e-mail, enabling you to start your E-learning course. So that we can answer any queries you might have, we recommend enrolling in person at the school. If it’s not possible, then simply apply by email. Apply  >>

    You can pay, either by bank transfer (bank details see below) or in cash at the school. Your access will be available within 48 hours. If, however, if you’d like to start sooner just send proof - e.g. a screenshot of the money transfer statement. Having finished your e-learning course, you’ll receive an email notification of completion. You’ll then need to visit us to sign your Application Form for the Official Theory Exam. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll also need to sign your Exam Contract. Once you have passed the Official Theory Exam, you can start your practical training. Read more about practical training  here . If you want to take your practical training at another driving school, we’ll gladly give you your theory exam certificate.

    When you sign up for the Official Theory Exam, please bring these documents with you -

    • Passport
    • Hungarian Residence Card
    • Hungarian Right of Abode
    • Medical Aptitude Exam

    Payments, options and other fees

    You can pay, either by bank transfer or in cash in our school.

    • E-learning theory course fee - see above in ‘Length of availability and price’ section
    • Official theory exam fee - HUF 4.600
    • First Aid training and exam - HUF 30.000 (compulsory for a driving licence)

    To start your e-learning theory course, you need to pay the 60 hours e-learning course fee (HUF 60.000).

    Bank account details for money transfers - 10701056 – 44632801 – 51100005 (CIB BANK)

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