Driving Licence validation / Naturalisation

If you already have a driving licence but you don't know whether it's valid in Hungary, you can find information on these websites below about the requirements and the validation process:



Driving Licence Category ‘B’ exam - Teaching Materials, Practice Exercises and Test Questions

If you only need to take the theory exam for your driving licence's validation in Hungary, it's really recommended to take part in the followings:

One benefit of this program is that you’ll have all the teaching materials and test questions that might come up in the theory exam. Also, you’ll be able to practice topics separately and to take test exams.

The e-learning material deals with all questions covered in the official driving theory exam. 

Length of availability and price:

  • 90 days / 36 hours HUF 30.000

        Extra access price:

  • 30 day /10 hours HUF 15.000


    For payment options, see below.

    You can access the course materials from either a desktop computer or a laptop (with Flash player).
If you have internet access, the practice questions also work on mobile devices and tablets.

    Application requirements. You need to

    • be at least 17 years old
    • have a medical aptitude certificate (issued by your GP)
    • have Hungarian right of abode
    • have a Hungarian residence card
  • How to obtain the program:

    The access to the e-learning material can be requested by coming to us in person or via e-mail.

    Apply >>

    After submitting your personal details and paying the fee, you will receive an e-mail notification that will allow you to start practicing.

    Registration details:

    • Name:
    • Mobile number
    • E-mail address

    Bank account number for the money transfer: 10701056 – 44632801 – 51100005 (CIB BANK)

    Please send our driving school a print screen, a file or a printed image about the successful transaction. The teaching materials can be opened on desktops and laptops (both by using Flash Player),additionally the exam preparatory test can also be opened on mobile devices (mainly on tablets),and all need good internet connection and a browser.