Practical Driving Course

The Practical Driving course

Having successfully completed the official theory exam, you can start driving.

If you prefer, you can choose a car with an automatic gearbox. This will be quicker and require fewer practice driving hours. Your driving licence will be endorsed with code 78 and you’ll only be eligible to drive cars with automatic transmission. If later, you’d like to switch to a car with manual transmission, you’ll need to take a different exam.

Practical driving course and exam fee

Manual transmission - 30 hours/580 km

  • HUF 165.000 + HUF 11.000 exam fee
  • Each 1-hour lesson costs HUF 5.500

Automatic transmission - 30 hours/580km

  • HUF 195.000 + HUF 11.000 exam fee
  • Each 1-hour lesson costs HUF 6.500

Fees can be paid in parts after every 10th lesson.

To become accustomed to the exam requirements and the location, we recommend you take 10 ‘starter’ lessons -

  • Manual transmission - 10 hours HUF 55.000 + HUF 11.000 exam fee
  • Automatic transmission - 10 hours HUF 65.000 + HUF 11.000 exam fee